Welcome to King Psychotherapy

Whether you are new to psychotherapy or have worked with a therapist before you may have questions about the therapy process.


As a therapist I create a space where together we explore what is troubling you. We will be gently curious about your experience, and how your life history has led you to a place where you may feel sad, confused or overwhelmed. This is a safe and confidential space. I will guide you in naming confusing and troubling issues and together we will put words to feelings in a way that makes the feelings more comfortable. This process can allow traumatic experiences to settle in you so that they are no longer intrusive, opening the way for you to have more ease and enjoyment in life, and become your best self. When seeking a therapist, it is important to find a good fit for you. I invite you to read more about me and my practice, and to ask any questions you have.

About Katharine King

As an experienced, mid-career Toronto therapist, I am honoured to have worked thousands of hours in private practice with clients from all walks of life. My clients are artists and creatives, executives, newcomers, new graduates, couples, parents, those who are grieving, those bravely making life transitions, and many others.

Services Offered

Individual Psychotherapy

The style of therapy I practice is Relational Psychotherapy, a model of counselling that emphasizes the importance of connection and emotional support in attaining emotional well-being.


I am pleased to offer supervision services to new, emerging and experienced psychotherapists. I completed the necessary training to provide clinical supervision in 2016 and am recognized as a supervisor by CRPO.

Couple Therapy

My goal is for us to better understand the shared and conflicting realities that you each inhabit. Some things may be hard to say to each other and are easier to say in a therapeutic setting.